Cynicism beyond belief …

If the allegations that have been levelled at the News of the World weren’t unbelievable enough, we now witness James Murdoch – with daddy behind him – sinking the tabloid because the scandal had become too great: the brand had been damaged beyond repair. So hundreds of people who work at the paper will lose their jobs, but for what reason?

It beggars belief that the Murdoch’s can sacrifice their staff ‘bottom-up’ at the newspaper, but Rebekah Brooks and James Murdoch stay at the helm. It prompts people to ask if this doesn’t actually help News International with the takeover of BSkyB. The Culture and Media Secretary can hardly use the plurality argument – that the Murdochs will control too much of the media in the UK – when the News of the World has just been closed down, thereby considerably watering down News International’s media market share here in the UK.

If the senior management of this company are to remain at the helm – those who were in positions of overall responsibility when possibly thousand of mobile phones were hacked – then they can expect the wrath of advertisers and readership alike in condemning them for one of the most blatant acts of corporate cynicism in living memory.


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