News International must be heavily censured – cut them down to size.

The shocking revelation that the News of the World’s reporters not only systematically hacked into the private voicemail messages of celebrities, but also did the same to Milly Dowler’s mobile phone after she went missing must be a critical watershed in how much more we tolerate News International’s display of denial about responsibility for this lurid affair. Today police from the enquiry team dealing with this investigation also visited the relatives of the late Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman – the young girls from Soham murdered by Ian Huntley.

If it is proven that News Of The World reporters did invade Milly Dowler’s phone then sanctions must be applied to News International. It is facile for anyone (please read that word carefully – anyone) to argue that News International were unaware of this scandalous behaviour: if they were unaware then it is incompetence on the most monumental scale. News International has said that if the story proved to be true “the strongest possible action will be taken”. On that they are right. The strongest action should be taken by not allowing News International to make a complete takeover of BSkyB. They are not a fit company to monopolise the media market in the UK. We should boycott News International’s media products from today.


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