If that’s a cup cake it must be a carrot cake!

Agent Orange

If that's a cup cake it must be carrot cake!

Rugby star Gavin Henson is to appear in a new TV dating show on Channel 5, where he hopes to meet “the right girl”. Henson, who plays for the Welsh national team, is separated from the singer Charlotte Church. Channel 5 said viewers should “expect flirting, bitching and heartfelt emotion” as 25 contestants compete to win his heart. Henson said: “I’m so excited to have been cast as The Bachelor as I really feel the time is right for me to find a girl to hopefully spend the rest of my life with. The Welsh Rugby Union said he was fulfilling a work commitment made before he was picked for the squad. Apparently he will be ‘The Bachelor’ in the programme. I wonder if his ‘maiden’ will be Katie Price? Heaven help us if so. Her swathed in white would be so unsuitable; white and orange just don’t really go together …



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