Mr. Grieve may well bring himself grief …

There is always someone who will go out of their way to exacerbate a problem. Step forward Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, who has announced that individuals could be prosecuted for contempt of court for publishing sensitive material on digital media such as Twitter or Facebook. Mr Grieve’s latest comments go further in his warning to Twitter users that he may himself take action against those who breach injunctions.

What’s the betting that, as a result of his comments, we will see Wikileaks-style revelations on Twitter, posted by tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people? The trouble with people like Mr. Grieve is that make their own grief with such edicts.


2 thoughts on “Mr. Grieve may well bring himself grief …

  1. I think it is very clear that Dominic Grieve (by his statement) does not intend to prosecute users who break injunctions that protect the rich and famous from embarassing details about their private lives.

    His statement clearly indicates a desire to do this only if there is a risk to law and order. In this, he is referring (I believe) to the recent breaking of the injunction concerning Jon Venables. I have no doubt he intends to prosecute if such a breach happens again. I think he would be wholly justified in this to be honest.

    • I generally agree with with your interpretation as to why Dominic Grieve might take action, but that is not my point. What I intended in my article was to comment upon the foolishness of making the statement. Personally I feel that the rich should not be protected by the law, especially as, in the case of Giggs, Goodwin, Marr et al, some accrue part of their earnings by being ‘role models’. They should not be afforded legal protection that others cannot buy. It is patently inequitable.

      However, I can see the occasion arising where there will be a mass protest of messages on digital social media almost because Dominic Grieve has thrown down the gauntlet. When such protests take place, what will Mr. Grieve do, jail tens of thousands of people?

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