Think again …

In terms of responsibility, Sharon Shoesmith seems to be doing her best to proffer every possible ‘get out clause’ for her former department’s failure to prevent Peter Connelly’s death. She told the BBC she was not into the “blame game” and “you cannot stop the death of children”. I take it that the referral to the blame game means that she doesn’t feel that she was responsible for what happened to Peter. Ms. Shoesmith, you were the Director of the statutory service that had primary responsibility for preventing child abuse. Notwithstanding that, whilst you were the principal executive of Haringey Children’s Services, baby Peter Connelly was seen 60 times by the authorities and was found dead with over 50 injuries. Like it or not, the failure is yours.

Then, having said you don’t “do blame”, you then promptly launch into a blistering attack on Ed Balls as the Minister of State responsible at the time for being “staggeringly irresponsible” and [that] his actions had left children’s social care in “complete disarray”. Sorry? I thought she didn’t do the blame game? Oh, I see, that’s only when it suits her argument. Ms. Shoesmith deserved sacking, even the judges to her appeal described the unlawfulness as a “procedural error”. While Ms. Shoesmith is busy re-writing the facts behind her own lamentable failure as a Children’s Services Director, the rest of us are grimacing at the though of her being handed hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money whilst being a key figure bearing responsibility for what happened to Peter Connelly.


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