The dottiness of religious doctrine …

Two situations in the news this week further demonstrate the damaging effects of religion on the human mind. The first is the ordination of a child sex offender – I eschew the epithet ‘paedophile’ as it is about as useful as the medieval word ‘witch’ – where the Church of England appointed Roy Cotton as a priest in East Sussex knowing that he had a conviction for child sex offences that should have caused a greater caution regarding his appointment. other is the four Muslim men that beat a teacher from a school with an iron bar and bricks with such ferocity that he is now unable to work. They carried out this vicious assault simply because they disagreed with a non-Muslim teaching Muslim girls religious education as set out by the National Curriculum.

When are we going to realise the dreadfully detrimental effect that religion can have on the human mind? There are two sides to this erosion of human autonomy and decision-making: one is the violence and mayhem as given in the examples above and the other is the warped belief that everything is controlled by some merciful super-being who once believed in will protect you eternally. Suicide bombers and Jesus-freaks are obsessed with the latter!

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