Shameless is the word

Having won her legal action to have her dismissal declared unlawful by the Appeal Court, Sharon Shoesmith’s case has acquired even more of a similar stench to the equally lamentable Sir Fred Goodwin, who was jettisoned as the CEO of the Royal Bank of Scotland for bringing it to the verge of bankruptcy. Ms. Smith, in a similar vein, reacts with the statement “Making a public sacrifice of an individual will not prevent further tragedies”.  Ms. Shoesmith seems to know no bounds where bare-faced-cheek is concerned.

Now the media is suggesting that Ms. Shoesmith could “receive as much as £1 million, if the court’s decision is not overturned”. This would not just be humiliating to Haringey Council but would be a slap in the face to those who have worked hard to protect children for a tiny fraction of Ms. Shoesmith’s possible compensation. Her department failed a toddler so monumentally that he died with around 50 injuries sustained over an 8 month period during which he had been seen no less than 60 times by social workers: Is Ms. Shoesmith trying to tell us that she doesn’t deserve the sack for such a grossly negligent failure in her department? I’m shocked at the gall this woman has.


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