Join the Christians and watch God slaughter billions of humans during Armageddon for refusing to accept Jesus as their saviour!

The evangelist whose followers were left in shock by his failed prediction that the end of the earth would arrive last Saturday says he didn’t get his sums right. If his followers expect to avoid hell after life, the hapless pastor is giving them a taste of it here on earth as many liquidated all of their assets and even gave away their possessions. Houses sold and school funds spent on advertising the return of Christ, countless people are completely penniless now as a result of his ‘error’.

Since Christ’s failure to arrive on Saturday, Harold Camping has reputedly said that he now realises that God would spare humankind “hell on Earth for five months”. The pastor has now rescheduled Armageddon for the 21 October this year. He has admitted to “feeling terrible” about his mistake, but personally I cannot see why: God made mistakes at almost every stage of the ‘creation’ process. From creating Lucifer with bat-like wings to forgetting to make a female companion for Adam until he complained about it, God has continued to show ‘Camping-like’ attributes. At one stage he even had to nearly zero the animal (inc. human) population of earth because he had made such a mess of creation!  Churches should have a huge sign hung over their door: Join us and watch God slaughter the billions who don’t accept Jesus as their saviour! 


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