At least the end-game was stated in Iraq …

It is not possible to enforce an arms embargo on both sides of the conflict in Libya; this is insane. It will lead to Gaddafi’s forces defeating the rebels and mass slaughter will take place. Not only must Gaddafi go, but his regime must be dismantled too. There are too many kleptocrats who realise that the oil money will bring them formidable power and wealth if they gain control, but they will also know that they must subject the populace to renewed tyranny if they are to hold that position.

The mess has already been made by politicians who failed to think through what the post-Gaddafi situation would be like. If we are not careful we will have either massive slaughter taking place with hundreds of thousands of refugees invading the north Mediterranean countries¬†or a new psychopathic kleptocrat ten times worse than the present, ridiculous ‘leader of the African people’, fruitcake Gaddafi.

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