The Arabs need no enemies

In the midst of the Arab uprisings, when the autocrats seem to be taking to shooting protesters in the way that one might shoot at ducks in the fairground, it is tempting to take the word of the autocratic regime or their followers in the hope of finding a grain of truth in what they say.

So when Al-Jazeera English took their viewers to a Syrian hospital to interview a young policeman who claimed to have been on a bus with colleagues when shot by protesters, there it seemed to be: that grain of truth that shows that the barrel of apples is not entirely rotten. Until the policeman’s father opened his mouth. “My son is a decent man, not just anybody” said the middle-aged, middle-class man. It appears decency is not a general attribute in this man’s mind. It is true what they say, the Arabs need no enemies, they manage that all by themselves.
Reference: Al-Jazeera English broadcast on the Syrian uprising 08.26am GMT on 29 March 2011.

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