Maybe UN does stand for ‘Uselessly Neutral’ after all?

The news that the UN embargo on supplying weapons to Libya applies not only to Gaddafi’s regime but the rebels too, would cause anyone to question the intelligence of the people who drew up the resolution that resulted in disallowing the rebels to be equipped with the same level of weaponry as their tyrannical oppressors. The Sanctions Committee chair, Portugal’s permanent representative, Jose Cabral, says that his understanding is that “the resolution imposes a full embargo on arms”.

The Gaddafi regime is already heavily armed, although the French and British have done their best to reduce their stock. Surely it is only fair to those seeking not to be butchered by a despot and his kleptocratic coterie to be given sufficient weapons to effectively fight back? Maybe UN does stand for ‘Uselessly Neutral’ after all?

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