A vile kleptocracy

With the procrastination of the international governments to deal with the situation in Libya, It seems increasingly likely that Gaddafi’s vile kleptocracy will triumph over the plucky, unlucky rebels whose fate is but a distant horror for the presidents and prime ministers refusing to take effective action.

After a fortnight of fighting in Al-Zawiya – where the international press were excluded – forces loyal to Gaddafi ‘liberated’ the town on Friday and then invited the press to see the damage. Various locals were interviewed, telling stories of a hundred or so troublemakers that captured the town before they were rescued by the government. One imagines that these witnesses were given a clear understanding of what would happen if they said anything different. Locals showed the press a graveyard where, they said, rebels had buried their own men that had been killed in the battle. When the time is right the United Nations should send in inspectors to verify the ages, gender and injuries of those buried as a lot can happen in two weeks with no war correspondents to vouch for anything the Gaddafi regime puts forward as truth.

When the brave of Benghazi disappear to be seen no more, maybe then people in this country will voice their contempt for the way in which Gaddafi was left to get on with his murderous deeds.

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