Don’t be Hague – stop being vague!

My abiding memory of the historic and momentous events of today in Libya will be blighted by the pathetic response of our Foreign Secretary. On a visit to Brussels, Mr. Hague said that the actions against protesters in Libya undermine Gaddafi’s government. When Arab diplomats were showing the courage to stand up to their psychotic tyrant, Mr. Hague’s best shot was to describe the Libyan leadership as weakened or impaired?

Gaddafi henchmen are using machine guns and anti-aircraft weapons to slaughter Libyans and our Foreign Secretary asserts that this undermines those currently committing what has been described as genocide but what must certainly be criminal acts under international law?  Was Mr. Hague appraised of the situation in Libya, which many of us were keeping up with on the internet? Is there no one in our politically half-baked government who can speak with some depth and authority? When a nation’s people were showing their selfless bravery and aspiration to democracy, our useless leaders were describing in shades of grey Gaddafi’s government’s lessened credibility.

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