Gaddafi’s last few days …

It is clear from the news broadcasts today that Col. Gaddafi has hired mercenaries to murder and suppress protesters in Libya in the most brutal way imagineable. Surely now is the time to freeze the assets of this dictator and his family worldwide? It is abundantly clear that this despot has now committed crimes that will be the subject of proceedings under  international law when the fighting is over.

William Hague said on the BBC’s World At One that the position of the Libyan leader and his government is being undermined. That is a crass understatement. Gaddafi and his henchmen are now completely discredited in the eyes of any reputable or reasonable observer and the EU must make regime change part of their foreign policy where Libya is concerned. If not they will be accused of wringing their hands while hundreds of Libyans suffered mercenaries wringing their necks.

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