How will young people find work in this environment?

How can we begin to believe in the Prime Minister’s ‘Big Society’ when this year will see people choosing not to retire until, perhaps, they are in the seventies or eighties because the Default Retirement Age has been scrapped by the coalition government. Worse still many people will be penalised for claiming Jobseekers’ Allowance for more than twelve months by having their Housing Benefit cut back: “More than 130,000 hard up households will suffer an average annual cut of £475 from their housing benefit payments if they are out of work for more than a year – despite the fact that claimants will have already proved that they have been actively looking for a job throughout that period, the National Housing Federation warned today.” (

How are such claimants supposed to find work if our millionaire cabinet ministers scrap the default retirement age and seek to have many, previously paid posts staffed by unpaid volunteers in their cherished ‘Big Society’? What is the purpose of financially penalising people for not finding work whilst ensuring that the situations vacant market is as difficult as they can possibly make it? That is what I call cynical, really sickeningly cynical …

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