Optimistic Twaddle …

The morning service on BBC’s Radio 4 on Sunday (October 10) was brought from  Belhaven Parish Church, Dunbar. As the minister was apparently called the Rev Laurence Twaddle, I set out yet again to write to the BBC to ask them why they this twaddle is on on a Sunday morning. No, not the Reverend but the twaddle that is religion generally.

With the analogue signal being switched off soon, leaving only digital transmission, surely the BBC can organise to spoon-feed this ragbag of hypothetical balderdash on a separate channel? It already does this with a similar genre, its broadcast of the dealings of Parliament. Maybe they could merge the two into one channel? How about calling it ‘BBC Fool’s Paradise’? That would leave the rest of us to the paradise of listening to John Humphrys and Eddie Mair in peace.

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