Hammering the poor

The real reason that the government has said that there will be no revaluation of Council Tax for the next 5 years is done for the same reason as their announcement that combat troops will be out of Afghanistan by 2015 … that is to put themselves in a better position to win the next election. This government is playing politics with our troops and letting off the middle-classes whilst hammering the poor.


Rich man, poor man …

Frightened of spawning their own ‘poll tax’ rebellion, the government has ruled out a revaluation of council tax bands in England during this parliament, thereby saving householders an average of £320 a year, or just over £6 per week. The government had no such qualms about hitting the poorest in our society by reforming housing benefit which will see average losses of £17 per week in 2011 and possibly a great deal more in the following year. The Lib Dems should hang their heads in shame at letting off the better off whilst hammering those on benefits. The poor expect the Tories to be nasty to them.